geoproducts, S.L.      

The general sale conditions will apply to all the transactions between Hidroplus Geoproducts, S.L. and their customers. Hidroplus Geoproducts will only accept possible modifications to the clauses herein made in writing and by the legally competent person to represent it.

Deliveries and Reception
The merchandise can be billed from the time that it is available to the buyer. Partial deliveries may be invoiced separately.
The goods travel on the account and at the risk of the buyer, even in those cases in which the price was set, up to its destination. The buyer is obliged to check the amount of materials supplied by the seller at the time of receipt.
The seller is not liable for any expense, loss or damage that the buyer might have, due to delays in the delivery.
The buyer is obliged, in the delivery, to check the condition of the goods and their operation, Hidroplus Geoproducts will decline any warranty or liability that is not strictly of the product itself.

Terms of Payment
The payments of the invoices will be made strictly in the way that it was agreed to and which appears in the bill.
The eventual claims by the buyer about the goods supplied, will not release him of the payment within the stipulated deadline.
The failure to pay an obligation when due, causes the expiration of each and every one of the ongoing obligations of the buyer and makes its payment claimable and enforceable. Any failure to pay gives us, also, the right to terminate all ongoing operations regarding current orders of service, without any formalities and subject to damage claims of any kind.
In case of reduced creditworthiness of the buyer, or changes in his legal or financial situation, we reserve the right to terminate the ongoing operations or to demand warranties.
The buyer is responsable for the delay in payments, committing himself in all cases to pay the return postage and interests due to delays.

Reservation of Ownership
Hidroplus Geoproducts reserves all rights and ownership of the goods delivered until full payment thereof. Retention of the title deed will be subject to any complete order even having completed and invoiced partial deliveries.
In the event of seizure or limitation of domain promoted by third parties of the goods, the buyer must immediately notify the seller.

The buyer, with explicit waiving of his home and jurisdiction, expressly submits to the authority and jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona..

El coste del transporte de la devolución irá a cargo del comprador. Returns that have not been informed by the buyer and accepted by the seller will not be accepted. Returns will have a maximum period of 30 days from the departure of our warehouse. All returns will be charged a 15% of the value of the goods to the buyer in respect of handling, preparation and packaging. The cost of the return transport shall be charged to the buyer.
Returns of materials made expressly or tailored, outside the usual standard will not be accepted.

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